My Vacuum

My Vacuum:

I use the rainbow cleaning system. It is a vacuum, duster and mop all-in-one. I will be using this while cleaning unless you prefer I use your vacuum, for more information contact me.

Specific Cleaning Products:
White Distilled Vinegar
Pumie Stick
Mr. Clean Magic Eraser Multi-Pack
Swiffer Dusters
Lemon Multi-purpose cleaner
Lime Away

Special Products:

For some of the other services I offer (such as: oven and fridge cleaning) I may use products such as vinegar and bleach. If you prefer me not to use bleach or harsh chemicals, please let me know. I DO NOT provide special "green" products, but you are welcome to provide them yourself and I will use them.

If you have products in your house you'd prefer me use, I will gladly use them instead of the ones I provide -- just let me know your preference!